“White with one” with Lori Montalto from PJSE

Lori is the newest member to join the PJSE team, having recently graduated from William Angliss Institute with a Diploma of Event Management. Whilst studying for her Diploma, she completed a three month work placement here at Peter Jones Special Events and has hit the ground running. Peter sat down with Lori for our final “White with one” – staff edition for 2016.

Peter: How do you take your coffee?


I have a few regular “go to” in terms of coffee. A cappuccino first thing at home, which I make. And then later a Mocha, which is hot chocolate and coffee combined. The most I would have a day is 2 and I tend not to have any after 2.30pm unless I really need one! Sometimes I will have a tea at night – English Breakfast or Earl Grey are my preferred options.

Peter: How did you become interested in event management?


I did a Business Marketing course at Smart Connections and then had the opportunity to get some work experience with the PJSE team. I loved it so much I even changed courses and started studying Event Management at William Angliss. This, combined with the work experience, is how I’ve got to where I am today. That, and I always loved running the family events at home – which being Italian, there are a lot!

Peter: You mean we didn’t frighten you off?


No, surprisingly not. It was great to see firsthand how it all works. It was definitely a game changer!

What were some of the things you enjoyed most about your course?


I loved that I had the opportunity to take on a project and work out how I would approach it from all angles based on my own knowledge. It made me really think about all the different factors involved in planning an event, including; production, entertainment, styling and catering – just to name a few.

Peter: In your short time at PJSE, what have been some of your proudest moments/highlights so far? 


Being involved in some pretty amazing events, including;

  • The Prime Minister’s Olympic Dinner – I had no idea packing and unpacking gifts could take 2 days!
  • The AFL Grand Final Parade – I don’t even follow football but to be there with all those Bulldogs fans, you couldn’t help but get caught up in the emotion of it all. It’s amazing how much logistical planning goes into that event.

Peter: Who are some of your most admired Melburnians?


My Father, who was originally from Italy and moved out here when he was only 6 with very little English. From something small he created his own future and ended up as the Project Manager for Qantas Airways for over 30 years. I loved walking through many airports and hearing about what changes or designs that he had created himself. It truly amazes and inspires me.

Peter: What is your favourite event to attend in Melbourne? 


The Eltham Food & Wine Festival. We go each year and it attracts such a diverse group of people. Not to mention the amount of cheese and wine on display.

Peter: Best place to get a coffee?


Di Bella on Leveson Street, North Melbourne. Much better than I can do at home, although I must say my coffee is pretty good.

Peter: What are some of the best things about living in Melbourne?


  1. The shopping – I’m obsessed with shoes! I have somewhere between 50 – 70 pairs and I bought 12 new pairs on my last holiday to Italy.

Peter: You are as bad as Olivia and she’s a shoeaholic!


  1. Lots of great places to eat, many of them tucked away in Laneways. Meat & Wine Co in Southbank is a favourite of mine.
  2. The secret waterfalls you can find – always good for a Sunday afternoon walk or getaway.
  3. When the weather makes up its mind and decides it wants to be sunny – those days are great! A few cold drinks and good company in the sun is always great in Melbourne.

Peter: I think a few might agree with you on that. How would you describe Melbourne in one word?



Peter: Besides coffee, what is your favourite drink? 


Moët & Chandon.

Peter: Nothing like starting at the pointy end of life! Lori, thank you for your time today and welcome to the team. 


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