“White with one” with Emma Hedin from PJSE

When she’s not running an event – she’s running. Emma hails from Sweden but loves us so much she has recently become a true-blue Aussie. She’s respected as one of the coolest, most level headed people, even under extreme pressure. So how does she take her coffee and what have been some of her highlights whilst working at PJSE? Peter found out in this next instalment of “White with one” – staff edition.

Peter: How do you take your coffee?


Long black – with cold milk on the side. I would average 3 or 4 cups a day but nothing after 3pm. Sometimes I even have one before I go to the gym at 6.00am.

Peter: How long have you worked at PJSE and what is your background?


3 & ½ years now. I was born in Sweden, where my family still lives, and later lived in England. I came to Australia travelling back in 2008 and have never left. During this time I’ve had lots of part time jobs, including the Atlantic Group, Point Restaurant and even a deli in Chadstone. I was doing all of this whilst completing my event management studies at William Angliss Institute, which I finished in 2012 and started at PJSE later that year in a part time role.

Peter: Let’s be honest Em, you topped the class and I can see why! What are some of your proudest moments/highlights while working at PJSE?


I’ve been lucky to be involved in so many great events but if I had to name a few……..

  • Flying 50 guests to Rochford Winery by helicopter for a private luncheon in the vines was certainly more spectacular than having to drive out there.
  • Being part of the Grand Final Day Pre Match Entertainment, as the atmosphere is amazing. I’m not really a football fan but I know people would kill to be in that position.

Peter: Any truth in the rumour that Bryan Adams thought you were pretty cool?


Bit old for me as I wasn’t even born when he started! I also loved working with Carrie Bickmore on her BrainBeats event. It was a fantastic event that started from nothing and ended up raising over $250,000 in less than 4 months. It was amazing watching that evolve with so many people donating their time to help.

Peter: What is your favourite event to attend in Melbourne?


For me it’s the Spring Racing Carnival – particularly Stakes Day where we get a group of friends together and go every year. I also love the Food & Wine Festival as there are lots of different events to attend within the festival.

Peter: I can’t see any Football listed here Em……….. 


Not really on my list, although the Hawks are my team.

Peter: Nothing like being on a winning team. What is your favourite PJSE Christmas card?  


Definitely Game of Jones (Game of Thrones). I love the show and Khaleesi is one of my favourite characters, so it was fun to play her. Even some of my friends didn’t recognize me with the wig on.

Peter: What are the greatest misconceptions about being Swedish?  


OK in order, everyone thinks –

  • We all drive Volvos and shop at IKEA
  • We all know the words to every ABBA song
  • We all own a sauna and like to run around naked in the snow

Peter: Why has Sweden been so good at Eurovision?


Music is a big thing in Sweden and I think we have so much talent that it’s only natural that we do well. As a country we take Eurovision very seriously but I’m still not sure why Australia is there.

Peter: Not sure if some of that singing talent came your way Em……… Finally, you’re a very sporty person, what does your fitness regime consist of?


I go to the gym 3 days a week, run twice a week and cycle and do yoga once a week. My aim is to do a half marathon later this year.

Peter: With all that happening Em I’m impressed you still have time to turn up to work! Thank you for your time today and well done again on your recent win at the Meetings & Events Industry Awards for Event Manager of the Year for Victoria – very well deserved.  


Thanks Pete. I was really proud to be recognised.



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