“White with one” with Olivia Dal Bo from PJSE

Throughout her studies, Olivia developed a real passion for events and the industry. Known as the PJSE Queen of shoes and fashion, she chatted to Peter about well shoes and fashion, as well as what her highlights have been while working at PJSE in this next “White with one” – staff edition. Peter: How do you take your coffee? Olivia: … Continued

“White with one” with Dr Mandy Deeks from Jean Hailes for Women’s Health

When Peter mentioned he was going to interview “Deeksy” for ‘white with one’, we were expecting one of our favourite MCs and voiceover people – John.  We have since learnt there is another “Deeksy” and this one’s a doctor no less.  It’s true, Dr Mandy Deeks is the better half of John, but she is also a passionate psychologist and … Continued

“White with one” with Kristy Foulcher from PJSE

With a background in theatre and arts which triggered a genuine love for bringing a story to life, Kristy brings many years of diverse event production to the PJSE team. Sophisticated, complex and aesthetically inspiring events are her forte, but she has also found new talents since starting at PJSE in the world of public events, parades and celebrations. Peter … Continued

“White with one” with Rhona Walker from Solution Red

How to describe Rhona Walker, CEO of Solution RED? Unique! Original! Unfiltered! The divine Ms W is the sum of all parts but most importantly she been an amazing supporter of PJSE for more than 25 years and when she sits down for a coffee with Peter you just know it’s going to be interesting. Peter: How do you take … Continued

“White with one” with Hamish McLachlan from Channel 7

A career on television is a long way from the family sheep station in South Australia but Hamish McLachlan is a man born to the role. As well as being an all-round nice guy, he is one of the busiest people around, combining his TV and writing for the Herald Sun with his own media and production company Ten Goals, and an … Continued

“White with one” with Emma Hedin from PJSE

When she’s not running an event – she’s running. Emma hails from Sweden but loves us so much she has recently become a true-blue Aussie. She’s respected as one of the coolest, most level headed people, even under extreme pressure. So how does she take her coffee and what have been some of her highlights whilst working at PJSE? Peter … Continued

“White with one” with John Isherwood from Peter Rowland Catering

Peter Rowland and Peter Jones – the two ‘Peters’ are synonymous with great events in Melbourne where equal emphasis is placed on creativity both on the plate and on the stage. Just don’t mix the two up as one is not as adept in the kitchen as the other! Peter recently caught up with the CEO of PRC, John Isherwood, … Continued

“White with one” with Deb Stuckey from PJSE

Deb wears many hats at Peter Jones Special Events – General Manager, Finance Manager, Event Manager, Mum. Having worked at PJSE for 18 years, she is a very handy resource to have in the office and given she ensures everyone gets paid, she is also very popular. Peter sat down with Deb to find out what some of her highlights … Continued

“White with one” with Chong Lim

It was a meeting of two maestros; one conducts all of our amazing events (and waves his arms around a lot) the other is the musical genius behind arguably Australia’s greatest ever performer, John Farnham as well as some of our biggest international events. How could so much talent possibly fit in the same room? Just as well Peter and … Continued

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