‘White with One’ with Clive Scott

Clive Scott is one of Melbourne’s most well known Hotel General Managers who is passionate about his city – not to mention his football team. Peter caught up with him the other week to have a chat about his career.


Peter: How do you take your coffee?


Soy flat white with one sugar. Officially, I have three a day and can drink them as late as dinner and it doesn’t affect my sleep. Unofficially, I might have a few more than three, but don’t tell my doctor!


Peter: How did you end up as the General Manager of Sofitel?


I’ve been with AccorHotels now for twenty-four years and before that with Hilton for twenty-one years.

In my current role as general manager of the Sofitel, I’ve been here now for fourteen years. Before that, I ran the Sofitel Wentworth in Sydney.

I’ve had a few other internal jobs within the two organisations before those roles, but I’ve been fortunate to lead these two fine hotels.


Peter: I think you were born to be a General Manager Clive!


It was always something I wanted after my studies, which was a degree in Economics and Hotel Management. It’s taken a while, but it’s been a great journey and something I love to do.


Peter: Why do you love Melbourne?


As I’ve lived in other cities, both in Australia and internationally, I describe it as a layered city where elements including sport, the arts and business all come together and work in with each other like no other city.

There is literally something for everyone and it seems never ending in terms of what you have an interest in. This is a city where people want to know you for who you are rather than what you can offer.


Peter: Why are we a great city for events?


I see this first hand all the time and it’s a combination of accessibility where everything is so close and linked together by public transport, particularly our trams. It’s so easy to travel around.

Also, we turn up in droves, no matter what the event is!

I recently had American guests saying “I can’t believe you can virtually fill [the MCG] every weekend and sometimes twice a weekend!

And I said, “That’s just the football – we even do it for the cricket!”


Peter: What is your favourite event to attend in Melbourne?


I love the Melbourne Film Festival because you can see movies you’ve never heard of that can have such a profound impact on your life. And really, anything to do with the arts and I’m there.

Peter: Yes, and you and the Softel are well known for your support of the arts.


What are the best events for business?


Probably the Spring Racing Carnival as it just keeps going for a whole month. Mind you, the tennis is not that bad either and we all pray for at least one interstate team in the Grand Final.


Peter: Any preferences there?


Eagles fans, because they turn up regardless and spend a bit!


Peter: Who is a Melbournian you admire?


The two that come to mind are Lady Potter for her ongoing contribution to the arts, and Sally Capp as that’s not an easy job but she handles it brilliantly.


Peter: Who would like to be for a day?


Ross Stevenson because he gets to interview lots of interesting people and has fun at the same time. Love his sense of humour.


Peter: Do you have a favourite restaurant?



Peter: I bet you can get a booking as I can’t imagine you standing in a que for too long!


Where is the best coffee in Melbourne?


Cumulus in Flinders Lane and when I’m in Collingwood it’s Mario’s.


Peter: What is something we don’t know about you?


I’m obsessed by all those ‘Got Talent’ shows from all over the world, I could watch them for hours.


Peter: What is your proudest moment at the hotel?


Back in 2006 we were the official Family Hotel for the Commonwealth Games and even had Prince Edward as our guest.

Also, having Princess Mary and Prince Frederic stay was an absolute delight.

And my favourite party was the opening night of Mary Poppins.


Peter: You have been to as many parties as I have. Do you have any great stories you can share?


Peter, I’d have to shoot you first as I’m a man of my word and nothing ever gets out.

But let’s just say if I ever wrote a book, it would make a great mini-series!



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