“White with one” with David Barham from Network 10

With over 35 years experience in the Television industry, sport specialist David Barham from Network 10 has quite the CV. A self-confessed sports junkie – there basically isn’t a sport he doesn’t watch. Peter caught up with David to talk all things sport in Melbourne, for this latest edition of “White with one”.

Peter: How do you take your coffee?


Cappuccino – but I actually gave up coffee last December. I used to have up to four large coffees a day, so I was really addicted to them. Now, I’m a tea man and I would have about three or four a day.

Peter: How long have you worked at Channel 10 and what is your background?


I’ve been at Channel 10 for 16 years now. Before that, I ran AFL Films for 10 years, so I’ve been in the media world for a while. I’m also a board member at Essendon Football Club. I’m originally a Warrnambool boy and my first job was at BTV6 Ballarat when I was about 18. One of my roles there was to hold the cue cards for a young talent called Daryl Somers – and then I dropped them during his performance………

Peter: Good to see that didn’t ruin your career! What are some of your proudest moments/highlights while being at Channel 10? 


I can honestly say I love what I do and that has included so many highlights over the years, including;

  • 5 years of The Big Bash League
  • 9 AFL Grand Finals
  • The Sochi Winter Olympics
  • The Delhi and Glasgow Commonwealth Games

Each one of these has had their own set of challenges but I’m proud to have been involved with them.

Peter: All of these were great events and I suppose the Big Bash League has exceeded all your expectations?


Yes, it’s amazing how it has grown so quickly – both from a spectator experience and those watching on TV.

Peter: What is your favourite event to attend in Melbourne?


An Essendon Grand Final win……….

Peter: But there hasn’t been one of those since 2000?


I know but it was, and still is, my favourite Melbourne event. On a more regular basis, I’d have to say the tennis.

Peter: Would it be fair to call you a sports junkie?


Probably, as there is not a lot of sport I don’t watch to see how it’s being presented. I kind of have to as its part of my job.

Peter: If you could be any other Melburnian for a day, who would it be and why?


I’d like to be in a position that I could somehow assist with the issue of asylum seekers. I know that sounds a little political but I do feel we need to do more to help the current situation, as it will always be an issue for all Australians.

Peter: Why is Melbourne a great city to host major events?


Its all about the people and no one else does it like we do. I descrive it as “the vibe” and we support all types of events cause its just what we do. It’s almost like don’t bother living here unless you’re into events.

Peter: What sporting event would you like to see played in Melbourne?


There would be nothing bigger than an NFL game – even the MCG would not be big enough.

Peter: Favourite place to get a coffee? 


Verruca Salt in Elwood and Sons of Mary in Brighton. Both places know me well and what I like.

Peter: What restaurant would you queue for?


Attica, as it seems there is no way you can get in unless it’s to queue.

Peter: And finally, if you could be any other sporting person for a day – who would it be and why?


Besides an Essendon footballer and kicking the winning goal after the siren, I’d love to be a cricketer – a wicket keeper to be precise. I’d even play for free as I love the game.

Peter: David, thank you for your time and insights today.

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