“White with one” with Dr Peter Larkins AKA the Doc

Affectionately known as ‘The Doc’, Peter Larkins is a Melbourne icon when it comes to sports medicine and his role in the AFL media. Peter caught up with him to chat about his sore knee and everything else!



PJ: How do you take your coffee?


Strong, hot and white with ½ sugar. I can have up to three a day, even one after dinner!


PJ: Tell me about how you got to where we are today, having coffee in the Epworth Hospital.


I’m Geelong born and then went to Monash University where I received two degrees – medicine and sports exercise science.


PJ: Better than me, I thought one was hard enough!


My big break came when I won the Sir Robert Menzies Scholarship and given the opportunity to study overseas and see how athletes adapted to high performance training.

One thing led to another and my career took off as I became well-known in my respective field.


PJ: You’ve been a bit of a star athlete yourself!


Well, I was the winner of the National Athletic Championship in the 1,500 – 3,000 metre sprint events. Nineteen years which still has not been surpassed. I’ve also been to six Olympic Games, but unfortunately, I never won a medal.Dr

PJ: Well, that makes two of us! What an amazing achievement.


How did you end up on radio with the footy?


It was way back in 1996 when Eddie McGuire rang to say “I’m doing the footy next year on MnM and we want you part of it”. I was part of the footy media till 2018, having worked for just about everyone. Channel 9, 7 and Fox Footy.


PJ: I won’t ask how many hammys you have pulled over the years. You still kept up your practice?


Yes I’ve never stopped working and now I look after patients with exercise related injuries, whether they are 16 or 61. It’s an area that continues to grow.

PJ:  I know, the older I get the more I need someone like you!


Why do you think Melbourne is a great city to host events?


We just do it so naturally and better than any other city in the world. It’s as if we were born that way. We have the best facilities and venues so close to the city and we have a culture that means we support anything of quality.

Even friends who come here say “wow, you guys are amazing for such a small country!”


PJ: What event would you like to have here in Melbourne?


I would love to have the biggest sports medical conference in the world. There really isn’t one at the moment, so it would be a great opportunity.


PJ: What is your Favourite Sports to watch on TV?


I love the tennis and Tour de France.


PJ: What’s an event that you would really like to go to?


The superbowl.

PJ: I’m lucky to have been to one and it’s an amazing experience.


According to you, where is the best coffee in Melbourne?


As I live in Albert Park, it’s the happiest by Empire in Bradport Street.


PJ: Which Melbournian do you admire the most?


As I’m a big restaurant fan, I’d have to say Chris Lucas for what he has done with so many great restaurants in Melbourne. He just keeps coming up with something new.

Also, the Lord Mayor, Sally Capp.


PJ: What is your favourite event to attend in Melbourne?


As a racing fan, it’s Derby Day. Pure class, and of course the Grand Final – if Geelong are playing.

PJ: Sorry about the latter!


What sports are you currently in to?


I’m a walked and runner combined and love mountain bike riding. My motto is “move to live, exercise is Medicare”.


PJ: I couldn’t agree with you more. The older we all get the more we should adhere to this! Thanks for today Doc.



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