“White with one” with Kerri Harding from PJSE

Kerri is the newest team member to start at Peter Jones Special Events. Whilst studying her Diploma of Event Management at William Angliss Institute, she completed a two-month work placement at PJSE and not long after, started working with us part time. Her stellar organisational skills and warm personality made her the perfect fit. Peter sat down with Kerri to talk all things events and coffee for this “White with one” – staff edition.

Peter: How do you take your coffee?


Soy decaf latte.

Peter: How did you become interested in event management?


After having my two children, I decided I wanted to go back and study for a career that I could work in long term. It was either real estate or event management. I love a celebration and to socialise, so event management it was. Of course, 99% of what I do now has nothing to do with celebrating or socialising – it’s not nearly as glamourous as all that! I’ve always paid attention to the detail in whatever event I’ve attended and thought about the process that would have gone into organising it.

Peter: Welcome to the real world of event management – one of the greatest misconceptions about what really goes on! In your short time at PJSE, what have been some of your proudest moments/highlights so far? 


I shed some proud tears at the Melbourne Cup Pre-Race Ceremony when little Max handed over the Melbourne Cup to the Chairman, Amanda Elliot, and perfectly delivered his lines! A pinch me am I dreaming moment occurred while standing in the middle of the MCG watching The Killers do their sound check on the Thursday prior to AFL Grand Final Day – not many people can have the opportunity to be part of something like that. And recently, a little private event at the top of the hill in Port Arthur. Tasmania in general is spectacular and I saw a number of guests taking a moment to themselves, perched on a rock or out in the middle of the road – it makes you feel like all the planning that went into it was well worth it.

Peter: What is your favourite event to attend in Melbourne? 


I don’t have a favorite event as such – I’ve been too busy with young kids the past 10 years, but I do enjoy going to the football at the MCG. I’m a Bombers fan and I don’t think I’ve missed a Dreamtime game since its inception. I also like to head out to the latest bar or restaurant with my friends.

Peter: Best place to get a coffee?


Not many places make a good soy decaf latte but Di Bella in North Melbourne have it down pat.

Peter: What are some of the best things about living in Melbourne?


The way Melbourne keeps reinventing itself, particularly in the event space, to suit new trends. It embraces change and diversity. It’s so lively and not just in the CBD but in the surrounding suburbs. I also love our rooftop bars.

Peter: If you could attend any event in the world, what would it be and why?


Carnival in Rio – purely to witness and be a part of the atmosphere.

Peter: It’s on my list too as I think it would be amazing to experience it live. Kerri, thank you for your time today and welcome to the team. 

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