“White with one” with Lucy Holmes (aka 100% Kylie)

Known as the best Kylie tribute act in the world by none other than Kylie Minogue herself, Lucy Holmes is a favorurite of the PJSE team. We’ve had the pleasure of working with her at many events but how does she take her coffee and how did her career all start? Find out here.

Peter: How do you take your coffee?


Almond vanilla latte but only one a day at 9.15am when I come off air from my breakfast show on 89.9 Light FM. I walk across the road from the studio to a fantastic café called Dark Horse on the Brit.

Peter: How did your career start and what was your big break?  


It all started when I was aged 6 dressed in a bikini and hula skirt performing the song Agadoo on Agro’s Cartoon Connection. The only way was up! I’ve performed my whole life and went to the Conservatorium of Music after high school to study a Bachelor of Music Theatre, which was a fantastic training ground for me many decades ago.

Peter: How did 100% Kylie start?


From the age of 16, I was constantly told from strangers that I looked like her and back then I assumed it meant I looked like Charlene sans overalls and perm. When performing in Melbourne in my 20’s, I used to mimic her voice to get a laugh. Then one day, a well-known agent contacted me and suggested starting a stage show – 17 years later, here we are! We’ve toured the world constantly for those 17 years and it’s been the most incredible experience.

Peter: Have you ever met Kylie?   


Not face to face but we have spoken over the phone on a radio show once, and she tweets about our show regularly, as well as follows us on Twitter. She has kindly said that we are the best Kylie tribute act in the world, so that’s something the whole cast and I are extremely proud of. She once had a film crew film our show on tour, which was amazing, and I’ve also sang a duet with her sister Dannii which was an incredibly surreal moment for me!

Peter: What do you do when you’re not performing?


I’m a breakfast radio host on 89.9 Light FM in Melbourne, as part of the Lucy and Kel show. I’ve been doing it for about 10 years now and loving it, and our show has won a few awards in recent years which is so exciting, as we work so hard on creating great, engaging radio. I’m also about to appear on a Channel 7 show with Ronan Keating called All Together Now, where I am one of the judges – so much fun!

Peter: Tell us about what your daughter thinks of her singing Mum.


Shiloh is almost 4 and understands that I ‘pretend’ to be Kylie on stage. Sometimes she dances around and when I ask if she’s being Kylie, she will look witheringly at me and say, ‘No. I’m Dannii.’ She is natural born performer and loves stealing my costumes and putting on a show – she loves everything from the Wiggles to Disney Princesses to The Greatest Showman.

Peter: I bet she doesn’t appreciate you being one of the few Mums who can belt out “Let it go” in the loungeroom without too much effort.


In all honesty, she’d prefer her own version of it but I absolutely love singing with her.

Peter: How many 100% Kylie shows have you done?


17 years straight – way too many to count! And in over 16 countries. I’m like a walking Kylie jukebox.

Peter: I can’t even count the number of events we have done with you where guests think you’re the real Kylie Minogue.


Yes, it honestly still surprises me but I don’t want to let them down or embarrass them, so I just smile and take lots of photos with them and they walk away feeling like they’ve met the real thing.

Peter: If you had the opportunity to perform at any event, worldwide – what would it be?


I’d love to perform in Dubai at the Rugby 7’s. I love Dubai, and I could combine a holiday and performing – my two favourite things!

Peter: What is your favourite event to attend in Melbourne?    


Anything produced by Peter Jones Special Events of course! Always the BEST events, and the PJSE team treat us so well. Perhaps one of my favourite moments was surprising YOU, Peter at your birthday party a few years ago – what a treat!

Peter: It was great to have you there! Thank you for your time and insights today and we look forward to working with you again soon Lucy.

100% Kylie

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