“White with one” with Ralph Carr from Ralph Carr Management (RCM)

Ralph Carr has been involved in the careers of many of Australia’s most successful artists, including Tina Arena, Vanessa Amorosi, Kate Ceberano, Mark Vincent and Jon Stevens – to name a few. He is now also looking after a number of sports stars, including man of the moment – Dustin Martin. So, how did his career all start and how does he take his coffee? Find out here.

Peter: How do you take your coffee?


Percolated coffee with real milk and some honey. I’d have two a day with the first at 6am and nothing after 2pm, and certainly nothing at night as it’s hard enough to sleep properly now without more caffeine.

Peter: How long has RCM been around for and what is your background?


RCM has been going for 26 years and it was really my first job.

Peter: Wow, that’s a great story – you mean you’ve never worked for anyone else?


No, I haven’t really. I went straight into a band called The Game from school. I played guitar and keyboard. My hobby, so to speak, of music and entertainment has become my job and I’m still doing it after all these years. I have a real love for management, and in particular in Entertainment and Sport.

Peter: What have been some of your proudest moments/highlights over your career? 


For me, it’s being associated with so many wonderful people over the years. It all started with Rick Price and Tina Arena, Vanessa Amorosi, then Kate Ceberano and Richard Wilkins, to name a few. There is so much amazing talent coming through, like Bonnie Anderson who is soon to be seen regularly on our TV screens………… as well as more great music.

Peter: And of course, then there is Dusty. You two seem to be joined at the hip.   


Yes, it’s been a remarkable journey over many years, culminating this year with him winning the Brownlow and Richmond winning the Grand Final. He is a terrific young man with a great future. I’m now looking after a small number of sporting people which is very exciting. I’m a big believer in quality, not quantity so I can work with them to create a career and help them develop as people. Simon Fuller is someone who I have admired in this area as he only has three clients – David Beckham, Lewis Hamilton and Andy Murray.

Peter: Not a bad line up. Why do you think Melbourne is such a great city to host major events? 


It’s part of our culture, the way we both look at great events and support them on a regular basis. But we only support the very best which is why we have become the event capital of the world. Melbourne sits amongst the great cities of the world and our events of all shapes and sizes has helped us achieve that.

Peter: Who are some of your most admired Melburnians?


There are many I’ve been fortunate to work with, including the late Richard Pratt, Jeff Kennett, and Michael Malthouse. I’ve also admired the tenacity of Eddie McGuire. I have incredible admiration for all of my clients for what they have individually been able to achieve in their particular fields.

Peter: What is your favourite event in Melbourne to attend?


As I’m fortunate to go to many, I’d have to say the AFL Grand Final. This year was special.

Peter: Favourite place to go for a coffee? 


Love Gilson in the Botanical Gardens. Great on a Summer’s day.

Peter: Ralph, thank you for your time and insights today. 


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