“White with one” with Tim Campbell

Our first “White with one” interview for 2018 is a triple threat – a singer, an actor and an all-round nice guy. Tim Campbell, probably best known for his role on Home and Away, is a favourite of the PJSE office but how does he take his coffee and how did his career start? Read all about it here.

Peter: How do you take your coffee?


I don’t drink coffee but I do love espresso martinis. In fact, I’m going to order one now.

Peter: Makes me look a bit boring with just a cappuccino. How did your career start and what are you doing now?  


Back at high school in Sydney, I was very much the sports jock for many years until I started playing in the school band and appearing in school variety nights. I’m from a family of accountants but I ended up here in Melbourne at the Victorian College of the Arts at age 18 as I thought some sort of career beckoned in the arts and entertainment world. My big break came when I performed at Australia’s Wonderland and then on the TV show Big Sky. Since then I’ve been in Home and Away, Dancing with the Stars, Singing Bee – the TV list goes on, as well as a few musical productions.

Peter: For someone so young, you’ve certainly achieved a lot. I believe you met your partner Anthony while working in musical theatre.


Thank you for the young comment, but at 42 I’m not going to lie, the adrenaline of live music and perhaps a Botox syringe does help. And yes, we met in the production of Rent in Perth, so I have a lot to thank for that show.

Peter: What are some of your proudest moments/highlights of your career?


I think my overall career to date and to be able to say I’ve done it my own way. I’ve somehow managed to find what I’m good at and end up on my feet. One day I might even get a real job but for the time being, I’ll continue to do what I love.

Peter: Trust me, it’s not that easy – I’m still looking. What is your favourite event to attend in Melbourne?


I love the tennis and the excitement of the Grand Prix, as I used to live in Albert Park and would hear the cars all day. Being a performer, I also love the variety of music and cultural shows that we never seem to lack. There is something for everyone in Melbourne, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s such a great city to live in.

Peter: If you could host any event – what would it be?


I would love to host my own late-night talk show – kind of a cross between James Cordon and Jimmy Fallon.

Peter: Where is your favourite place to go for coffee?   


Dundas & Faussett in Albert Park – great coffee martinis and it’s also dog friendly.

Peter: If you could be another Melburnian for a day, who would it be and why?


That’s a hard question and I don’t think I could pick just one person. There are three people in particular that come to mind. Bert Newton – as I’d love to know more about his amazing career and perhaps learn more about the industry. Gillon McLachlan – as I know he does so much more for our city beyond his role at the AFL. And finally, a seller of The Big Issue – as I’ve always wondered how charitable we are in Melbourne. I admire those people who literally have to make ends meet by selling that magazine.

Peter: What is the best song to sing to get people up on the dance floor or clear it?


To get them on – definitely Shout. To get them off – the Grease mega mix medley, unless they’re all absolutely smashed and then they don’t care and just sing along. You have to play that song very late in the night for it to work.

Peter: What’s the most frequently requested song?


Khe Sanh or anything ACDC. My response to the request is our ABBA medley!

Peter: Would you queue for something?


Never, not even for an act. I’ve got better ways to waste my time than standing in a line!

Peter: Best audience you’ve played for?


I’ll never forget a luncheon I did for the Darwin Cup. They were up and dancing at 2pm in the afternoon in the first 5 seconds and never stopped.

Peter: Tim, thank you for your time today and we look forward to working with you again soon.  

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