“White with one” with Todd Woodbridge

Pete caught up with Australian tennis great and now media presenter Todd Woodbridge before the start of the Presidents Cup. Little did you know, that between both Pete and Todd they have won 16 Grand Slam Doubles…     Peter: How do you take your coffee? Todd: Flat white with one sugar. I’ll have a maximum of three a day and … Continued

“White with one” with Dr Peter Larkins AKA the Doc

Affectionately known as ‘The Doc’, Peter Larkins is a Melbourne icon when it comes to sports medicine and his role in the AFL media. Peter caught up with him to chat about his sore knee and everything else!     PJ: How do you take your coffee? Doc: Strong, hot and white with ½ sugar. I can have up to … Continued

‘White with One’ with Clive Scott

Clive Scott is one of Melbourne’s most well known Hotel General Managers who is passionate about his city – not to mention his football team. Peter caught up with him the other week to have a chat about his career.   Peter: How do you take your coffee? Clive: Soy flat white with one sugar. Officially, I have three a … Continued

‘White with one’ with Mark Stone AM

Mark Stone has been one of Melbourne’s business leaders for many years and a great supporter of the PJSE team. Peter caught up with him recently and certainly found out some interesting new details about the CEO of VECCI! Read below about Mark and Peter’s chat…   Peter: How do you take your coffee? Mark: A latte for me – … Continued

“White with one” with Jason Marriner

Surely no one loves the theatre more than Jason Marriner. As the CEO of the Marriner Group, the family run company caring for four of Melbourne’s heritage theatres, performing arts is not just a family passion – it’s in his blood. See below to read about Peter Jones and Jason’s recent chat…    Peter: How do you take your coffee? … Continued

“White with one” with Alex Day from PJSE

Alex completed her Bachelor of Business degree, majoring in Event Management and Marketing in 2018. Whilst studying, Alex’s passion for events developed through knowledge and skill growth of the industry. Her experience in hospitality only grew her love for a well organised event, developing a keen eye for detail. Peter sat down with Alex to talk all things events and … Continued

“White with one” with Nathan Templeton from Channel 7

Waking up early to work on Channel 7’s Sunrise requires a lot of coffee! So, how does Nathan Templeton take his coffee? Peter sat down with him to discuss all things events and coffee for this edition of “White with one”. Peter: How do you take your coffee? Nathan: Strong latte or short black. Coffee is vitally important for a … Continued

“White with one” with Rhonda Burchmore

After 35 years in the business, this vivacious, flame-haired beauty continues to turn heads wherever she goes and draw thunderous applause wherever she performs. Rhonda Burchmore is a favourite of the PJSE office but how does she take her coffee and how did her career all start? Find out here.   Peter: How do you take your coffee? Rhonda: Just … Continued

“White with one” with Ashlee Brazier from PJSE

Ashlee first joined the PJSE team on work placement whilst completing her degree in Event Management at William Angliss Institute. Her eagerness and can-do attitude lead her to a permanent role as an Event Coordinator a few months later. Peter sat down with Ash to talk all things events and coffee for this “White with one” – staff edition. Peter: How … Continued

“White with one” with Cosentino

Illusionist, escape artist, multiple bestselling author and an all-round nice guy – Cosentino kicks off our “White with one” series for 2019. PJSE have had the pleasure of working with him on multiple occasions but how does he take his coffee and how did his career all start? Read about it here. Peter: How do you take your coffee? Cosentino: … Continued

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